Environmental Inequality Mapping Project

Throughout human history, people’s relationship to nature has always been influenced by power. While some groups of people have the authority to gain access to nature, to transform it into natural resources for profit, and then to distance themselves from the negative consequences of such use, other groups do not.

On this website students have mapped these inequalities by choosing historical sites where environmental discrimination took place. For each of these sites, students have uploaded primary sources, images, scientific data, oral interviews, video stories, and final research projects that analyze environmental inequality at their site during the post-World War II era. The result is an interactive environmental justice map of the Newark-New York City region and beyond.

To explore this history you can use the menu bar above to see student work on specific sites, click on the pins in the map, or use the “Search” window below to cross-reference key words across all of the sites.

Prof. Neil M. Maher