Digital Archive and Mapping Project

This website is a collaboration among students, faculty, local residents, citizen researchers, and community activists.  Together they have co-produced and collected source materials on the history of environmental inequality and the fight for environmental justice in frontline communities in the Newark, New Jersey region, across the United States, and internationally.

The website currently archives hundreds of historical source materials, including primary texts, images, and maps; lists of secondary sources; scientific, demographic, and health data; and original oral interviews.  Additionally, the site also contains more than 100 original “Final Reports” written by these collaborators on specific environmental justice sites.

Visitors to this publicly accessible website can use the “Search” window below to cross-reference these historical materials by location, category of environmental injustice, keyword, and historical date.

We encourage visitors to the site to use these resources for research on environmental inequalities affecting their own local communities.

Neil M. Maher

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Burning Passions and Burning Waste
The Prolonged Suffocation of the Bronx
Noise Can Do More Than Just Hurt Your Ears
Legal Inequality Along the Cross Bronx Expressway
You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, For Clean Water
Newark’s Ironbound Community Loses Against Inci...
Open Windows Without Clean Air
From Bleak Landfills to Lush Green Hills
Do You Know What Your Children Are Exposed To?
It’s Raining Dogs, Cats, and Injustice
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Inequalities in Bicycle Infrastructure: Newark ...
Six Million Cubic Feet of Radium-Enriched Soil
“Clean Our Water, Wash Out Wilda”
Wealth In Environmental Justice
Farms to Cradle
Community Garden?
Lead Contamination in Trenton, NJ and Levittown...
Seneca Meadows Landfill; Fresh Kills Replacement
New York 13165 213.82 mi
‘We’d Like to Forget, the World Won’t Let Us’
Air Pollution at Jones and Laughlin Steel Mill ...
Muriel Rukeyser’s Environmental Justice Poetics
Toxics in Northeast Detroit
Lead and Arsenic Poisoning by U.S. Smelter and ...
Oil Pipelines: The Disregard Of The Native Amer...
South Dakota 1408.15 mi
Detention Center’s Contribution to Environmenta...
"If I Sign, They'll Mine"
Montana 1726.17 mi
Blinded by the Apocalypse
Nevada 2255.41 mi
The 1994 Northridge Earthquake Aftermath
A Healthy Lifestyle in a Toxic Environment
Lithium Mining in the Atacama Salt Flats, Chile
Egypt's Recycling Miracle: The Garbage City
Tell Me About Your Nuclear Experiences