Our Mission

To co-produce, digitally archive, geographically map, and make accessible to the public historical material on the history of environmental inequality and the fight for environmental justice not only in Newark, New Jersey but also across the United States.


Our Collaborators

We are a collective of researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers University-Newark, and frontline communities.  Our collaborators include undergraduate and graduate students from the fields of history, the arts, and sciences, along with local residents, citizen researchers, and community activists from dozens of communities facing a wide variety of environmental inequalities.  Currently more than 100 collaborators have archived materials on the history of environmental justice on this website.


Our Research

Our research principles are continuously updated by our collaborators both on campus and within local communities.  Overall we follow methodologies that promote collaborative, respectful, and democratic research based on the following five principles: Inclusive and Equitable Decision-Making; Community-Based Investigation; Local Articulation and Story Telling; Cross-Community Collaboration; Transformative Action-Oriented Research.