Data Analysis or Storymaps

Ronson Factory Video Story

by Neil Maher

brief description – (2 sentences to grab reader)

Student Name: Neil Maher
Project Site: General Electric plant, Hudson Falls, New York.

For this assignment, students were asked to upload either an analysis of scientific data (with actual data) or s Storymap that they created on their chosen site.

The example of scientific data below comes from the Department of Environmental Protection’s (EPA) EJScreen, which includes both demographic and environmental data. For this GE site, data was gathered for a 1-mile radius around the Hudson Falls, NY region. The GE plant is located in the town of Hudson Falls.

This data from the EPA’s EJScreen can be downloaded here:

A more detailed analysis of this data (approximately 2 pages long) would then follow.

The Storymap example below was created for this site. It tells the narrative of pollution emanating from the GE plant in upstate New York, and follows the pollution to regions beyond the Hudson Valley.