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Bye Bye, Hydrogen Sulfide: How a Grassroot Movement in Kearny New Jersey Shut Down a Local Toxic Landfill 

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My name is Victoria Garziano, and I am an undergraduate studying environmental science at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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Keegan Landfill is a dumping ground located in Kearny, New Jersey. When opened in the 1950’s, this landfill was used to dump industrial waste, but in recent years, it had transformed to a landfill for construction debris. This wasn’t to include any debris containing asbestos or drywall, due to the dangerous gas, hydrogen sulfide, they emit once rained on. Nevertheless, drywall was dumped at Keegan Landfill, and the decomposition of said materials caused hydrogen sulfide emissions to exceed the NJDEP’s standards. In retaliation, the residence of Kearny sparked a grassroot movement that led to the end of Keegan Landfill. I hope to answer these questions; why was this location chosen for Keegan Landfill, and did race or economic class play a part in it? Why did this issue in Kearny, New Jersey, take so long to resolve? This research will be important for understanding how different groups of people have injustice when it comes to environmental health and safety standards.


Toxics, Air Pollution, Public Health