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Robert Murphy 

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An Environmental Justice Ballad : The unspoken link between music and environmental activism.

Author Biography:

My name is Robert Murphy, I am an undergraduate student at NJIT pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET). As an author I enjoy more technical writing that goes straight to the point without a lot of extra information. I come from a family of musicians and I play the drums, bass, and piano myself. I also grew up on a property with 2 acres of woods that my brothers and I were always roaming around in, this is definitely where I found my love for nature. This is a great opportunity to be able to combine my two great passions in this world by researching how they impact each other. 

Project Site Description:

Music has sometimes been used to give voices to unheard people and to shed light on issues that nobody talks about. Over the last hundred years or so artists have made music about the horrible effect that our society has had on the environment. I want to see how people use music in order to inspire ideas, create groups, and reach more people to help communicate environmental injustice in America over the last 20 years. What impacts has music had on the environmental justice movement? Also what changes, political or industrial, have been made because of music in the environment justice movement? This question is significant because music can be used as a tool to help disenfranchised and forgotten peoples communicate and rise up in order to spread their messages to people who will help fight for environmental justice. 

Keywords:  Art, Community, Popular Culture, Class, Global