Site Description-RK

Rabiya khan

Paper Title: Carteret is the epitome of the Boiling Frog Paradox

Author Biography: As a resident of Carteret, I am a frog in a boiling pot of water. The industrial atmosphere is where I feel at home, and I have established an appreciation for the peculiar landmarks that surround my town. The monumental white storage tanks, satellite dishes the size of buildings, midnight train whistles, the continuous drone of the parkway, low flying planes, and the intimidating cogeneration plant in the horizon define this community. Another waste site or toxic mound will not be noticeable to me at all. 

Project Site Description: The delta of the Rahway River is bordered with factories and industrial complexes. It acts as a natural border for northeast New Jersey and New York. The site called Metro12 touches the river from three sides. The recycling facility, Soil Safe, was granted permission to dump hazardous wastes on this property and cover it with a cap in 2014. This area is susceptible to flooding and erosion, yet the project was approved despite some community opposition. Industries that have been established in this area since colonial times are here to stay, and its presence invites more corporations. The plot was nearing its best health in years, until the mounds of toxic sludge undid all the progress. There are new efforts to make the river a historical site and maybe in the future, a natural reserve. If eco-friendly campaigns were instigated earlier, what would the town look like? Maybe it would smell better at least. The risks are great in this area yet recycling plants are attracted to the discount prices and quiet acceptance by the community. Despite the natural resources and its beneficial access, there are hardly any parks. The community has lost hope and interest in its forgotten river. The industrial advantages overshadow more holistic qualities of the river delta. It is in danger of accidents all the time but no one would notice if it ever happened. There are no significant environmental groups or committees that play an effective role in the future of Carteret and its continuing industrialization.  


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