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Title: The Ironbound  “Zoning Barriers”  Immigrants once helped this region to jump start a industry revolution,  and now they are the ones more vulnerable.   

About the Author:

My name is Ruben Izurieta. I’m a student at NJIT pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.  Following my uncle’s steps and from an early age, I was always interested in becoming an Architect. I was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States at an early age and in the course of my years here in the United States,  I have  witnessed and experienced the various challenges that latinos and other minorities face including housing conditions, employment and the right to be treated equally regardless of background, race, or physical appearance. The article read in class by Sara Grossman, “Off the Rail” on newest American really sparked an interest in investigating more about how “Zoning Building Plans” dictate and affect the choices latinos make when finding a place to live and how industries in their neighborhood affect their wellbeing.

Project Site Description: 

In the 1800s, the industrial boom in Newark was led by the first wave of Irish immigrants that moved to this city, specifically those who worked on the construction of the Morris Canal, a source of transportation of freight throughout the whole state of New Jersey during that time period. This jump started an interest for industry and manufacturing to move into Newark, therefore its “Zoning Building Plans” had to be modified in the best interest of the city, but with complete disregard of high populated residency areas around all this vast industry landscape. This investigation will help me determine  the relationship between Zoning in Newark in the past and the present, and the repercussions affecting latinos and other minorities in their everyday life around an impacted, and  polluted environment. 

Keywords: Race, Factories, Toxics, Pollution, Disasters