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The Poop Train and the midwest; how one faces the advances of a larger power

Author Bio:

Hello, my name is Philip Poretsky. I am a fourth year computer science student; my interest in this topic stems from smaller towns — especially ones with lower median income — having to deal with larger entities (such as large states, cities, or corporations) making advances on their territory.

Project Site Description:

In 2017, cargo from a New York train, carrying waste, made its home in the small town of Parrish Alabama. The stench – atrocious, disrupting daily life, and even inviting some insects to come and frolic. However, this was not a one time occurrence; the train would always go by Parrish to a Landfill close by, generously sharing its stench of 100 million pounds of human waste with the town. The reason? Because of it being less costly to dump Northern waste in the less costly south, going past state borders and making it someone else’s problem, all to save a dime. Here, we will explore how small towns in the midwest have fought against large powers, especially when the opposition are larger, more well-to-do states, as well why these larger states attempt to take such invasive advances on midwestern areas. We will seek to answer questions such as: why are trains traveling with human waste, and why would they travel to the Midwest? Are there better solutions besides hauling a train full of sewage? This project will put to light how these small midwestern areas are taken advantage of by larger powers, be it by law or other reasons. 

Key Words: Toxics, Public Health, Transportation, Work Place, Housing