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Cleaning up Newark Water: A reconstruction project to replace lead water pipes.

Author Biography:

An electrical engineering student in his senior year who has always had an interest in water purity and filtration, so the reconstruction effort to purify Newark water is an issue that interested me.

Project Site Description:

Three years after Newark noticed its tap/drinking water showed unsafe levels of lead in its water they have decided to uproot about 23,000 lead pipes in the city and replace them with new pipes. Newark has violated the maximum contaminant level for many contaminants, especially lead which exceeded the maximum level by four times it’s standard at one point! The movement to begin changing the pipes began in August 2019 and as of now they have replaced about 20,000 of 23,000 pipes in Newark. Why was the water contamination allowed to rise to such levels? What did the government fail to do, and what did the people do to fight it? From this tragedy we should learn about how to fight for our right to safe drinking water.

Water Pollution, Public Health, Toxics, Food, Housing