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Critical Mass: Radioactive pollution in the town of Bloomfield, New Jersey


Nicholas Skific is a Mechanical Engineering Technology student at NJIT, his attention was brought to this topic from close friends who live near the old Westinghouse site who have heard about the contamination themselves through first person experiences or hearing about it from third party sources.

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Westinghouse Lamp Plant, now nothing more than a partially empty lot with new construction being used to bring in revenue to the town of Bloomfield NJ, had a colorful history for the decades that the factory stood on the lot between Macarthur and Arlington Avenue. This site was the home of a uranium production line that created radioactive elements to help the US with the creation of the world’s first atomic bomb; it was also the home of negligent dumping of radioactive poisons into the city’s sewer system until its shutdown in 1986. In 2006 Bloomfield took Westinghouse to court over the pollution and won. This begs the question of why did Westinghouse allow the dumping during the war and after, and why such pollution did not reach the spotlight until the 2006 court date. But the most important question to ask is whether surrounding houses were affected by this pollution, and if so how many innocent people became sick because of it.


Race, Pollution, Soil, Water, Community