Lead and Arsenic Poisoning by U.S. Smelter and Lead Refinery in East Chicago, Indiana over the last Century

I am a third-generation immigrant, half Chinese and Cuban, and an undergraduate student at NJIT. I was drawn to East Chicago after reading about the lead contamination in East Chicago in 2017-18 when I started college.

Project Site Description:
East Chicago is in the northwest corner of Indiana, near the border between Indiana and Illinois and on the coastline of Lake Michigan. The small city of approximately 28 thousand people is 43% African American and 51% Hispanic. Home to the old U.S. Smelting and Lead Refinery. The EPA has designated the surrounding area as the USS Lead Superfund Site. What are the health effects of lead and arsenic poisoning on the population? Why did it take so long for the cleanup and what role did race play in the delayed cleanup. How did the local community bring national attention to their small corner of Indiana. The East Chicago cleanup operation that is currently ongoing matters because it can teach us how to solve these kinds of issues moving forward.

Keywords: Housing, Public Health, Toxics, Water Pollution,