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Title: Protecting Wildlife for Generations to Come: The Grass Roots movement of Andover, New Jersey to stop a toxic auto junkyard

About the Author:

I am a Senior Information Technology undergraduate at New Jersey Institute of Technology. I have resided in Sparta, New Jersey my entire life and am very familiar with the surrounding area of Sussex County. The area I live in is much different than Newark, in that it is mainly forests and wildlife and buildings are more spread apart. This past summer driving through my area I started to notice signs calling to “Stop the BHT Junkyard”, which peaked my interest in environmental justice concerns in my area.

Project Site Description:

Andover Township is located in northwest New Jersey in Sussex County. This town has a long history on living side by side with nature, being the suburban/rural community it is. As of recently an auto junkyard announced it’s plans to acquire land off of Stickles Pond Road to start a new location. I am studying the affects of industrial car waste in an area where waste has never previously been dumped. Because I want to find out whether local wildlife that has been untouched for generations is affected by industrial waste. This site in particular is important to help the reader understand how industrial waste can affect the way generations to come can interact with nature.

Keywords: Industrial Waste, Community, Generations, Ecosystem, Andover