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My name is Michael Lukijaniuk. I am in my final year of my Information Technology major with a criminal justice focus in hopes of going out and making a visible change within a community. I’ve spent many years being given the wonderful opportunity to not only try out a plethora of new experiences and adventures, but to be humbled as well for having the ability to do so. I was raised as a first generation immigrant from two hard working parents that had come to the United States from Poland where life was different. I heard stories of what life was like to live on a farm and to be surrounded everyday by nature and its wildlife in its most uninhibited form. These recollections shared with me inspired a desire to live that same life that they could.

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I am looking to analyze and discuss the poor air quality of parts of South California, centered around San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. This area has shown failing emissions standards ranging back up to 30 years all of which can be attributed to wildfires, high volume traffic, and a geographical landscape that traps pollutants. This section of California has shown persistent signs of concern ranging from visible smog belts forming to a rise in cardiovascular diseases. I aim to trace back the catalysts and analyze the progression of mandated reform to combat unsatisfactory results rated by the EPA. With almost 30 years of documented poor quality conditions ranging up to recent months, why has past progress shown sporadic regression, and has the effort to remedy the situation halted in its entirety. Having clean air to breathe is just as important as pure water to consume. The difference is that air quality is a silent killer which can grow to uncontrollable portions before it is addressed. At most, the best course of action to stay safe is to quarantine within ones home with proper ventilation and filtration. Many place seem to have grown complacent with dropping air quality standards, which makes it even more important to document and explain what the eventual future will look like.

Keywords: Emissions, Air, Smog