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My name is Michael Lukijaniuk. I am in my final year of my Information Technology major with a criminal justice focus in hopes of going out and making a visible change within a community. I’ve spent many years being given the wonderful opportunity to not only try out a plethora of new experiences and adventures, but to be humbled as well for having the ability to do so. I was raised as a first generation immigrant from two hard working parents that had come to the United States from Poland where life was different. I heard stories of what life was like to live on a farm and to be surrounded everyday by nature and its wildlife in its most uninhibited form. These recollections shared with me inspired a desire to live that same life that they could.

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I am looking to analyze and discuss the negative health effects on the residents of  Mott Haven in the southern portion of the Bronx, who are unfairly being subjected to constant degradation of air quality as a cost for job opportunities. Sometimes referred to as “Asthma Alley”, the location has been showing a consistently elevated count of people exhibiting cardiovascular diseases to this very day. The company Fresh Direct is the primary source of high volumes of truck emissions as their deliveries pass through and residents are torn between having a clean bill of health or keeping jobs within the community. Local residents have stated that they never see the company delivering anywhere within the neighborhood. However they can be seen arriving at various areas that hold greater affluence and are primarily consisting of White Americans. Considering the fact that a vast majority of people living in the Bronx are either African American or Hispanic, a clear environmental injustice can be argued.

Keywords: Emissions, Asthma , Trucks, Bronx