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Mineshaft Madness: How Ringwood’s Mines got filled with paint and how it was not completely cleaned up

Author Biography

My name is Kyle McLennan and I am a Senior at New Jersey Institute of Technology. I am studying Information Technology. The main reason I am interested in this topic is because I am from a town around this site and I had heard about it when I was growing up. I know there are many dangerous effects of paint on the environment and people.

Project Site Description

In the late 1960s and early 70s the Ringwood mines were used to get rid of paint sludge, and other waste, from the Ford assembly plant in Mahwah. The EPA found traces of lead, arsenic and other contaminants. It was added to the Superfund list in 1983 and in 1994 it was declared clean. In 2005 it was discovered that there was still a large amount of pollution in the area. Questions like, “Why was this area not properly cleaned up?” as well as “How did people fight for their community to be taken care of?” are important and could provide insight for future cases. This information is important because it could help other sites follow in a similar fashion of not being cleaned up entirely. Additionally, if there are similar situations then hopefully people can better prepare themselves for pushing for change.


Public Health, Toxics, Water, Pollution, Housing