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Latin América: Gross Negligence of America’s Backyard.

About the Author:

Johnny Alexander Tablada-Rodríguez is a seasoned, software engineer with over 20 yeas of experience providing solutions to his employers, and clients, through the design, architecture, implementation, and support of mobile applications (for iOS, tvOS, and watchOS using the Objective-C, and the Swift programming languages), front-end, and full-stack applications (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, jQuery, React JS, Angular, Angular JS, Node.js), and back-end database-related solutions (C#, Java, PHP, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase).

Currently, he is a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, completing a degree in Patent Law and Applied Physics (concentrating in Astronomy). He is determined to complete his Juris Doctor at Rutgers Law School, in Newark, NJ, and his doctorate degree in Applied Physics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

About the Paper/Project:

For more than two centuries, the United States of America has had a long-standing relationship with its closest neighbor, Latin América. However, this has been a fraught relationship for both sides, weighing much more heavily on Latin America.

This relationship may be viewed, at least in this context, as one made-up by copious business contracts in which the statutes by which these contracts are bound are enacted by the strongest, and wealthiest of the parties, at the time at which the contracts are being made, resulting in the disproportionate disadvantage for the weakest, and necessitous party.

This paper/project does not intend to cover every aspect of the parties’ relationship, which has been going badly, but it does intend present environmental justice, in the context of the relationship which exists between the above-mentioned parties, by establishing moral character and exemplifying it with a single, major case.