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Noise can do More than just hurt your ears: How Noise pollution is hurting the community of Crotona Park East

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My name is Joshua Matthew Talban and I am a senior in NJIT with major in Business with a concentration in Management Information Systems. The topic of noise pollution peaked my interest because I have always noticed the change in decibel levels wherever I go and I wanted to go deeper into the effects and beginnings of noise pollution, especially in one of the loudest places in the United States, Crotona Park East, a neighborhood in the Bronx, NY.

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Noise pollution in New York City dates back to the early 20th century and continues to be an issue to this day. We all know about noise pollution, whether we look for it or we do not. But in particular, Crotona Park East in Bronx, NY is one of the loudest places in America dealing with this issue. The neighborhood of Crotona Park East has had noise issues since the 1970s. I want to find out who is being affected by this noise pollution, how are they being affected, and how are they trying to change it. This research will be important in understanding how low income communities deal with adversities pertaining to noise pollution.


Housing, Public Health, Recreation, Workplace