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Paper Title: RPM Act: Protect Your Right to Race

Author Biography: My name is Jason Jimenez, I am a senior at NJIT; majoring Civil Engineering. My interest of this topic is because I myself am a car enthusiast, who have great love/passion for cars. I like to participate in car shows and drag events. Because I participate in drag events, I like to modify my cars to compete. Which is why I would like to introduce to you the RPM Act ( Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act).

Project Site Description:  Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act (RPM Act) is an act that allows those who modify their vehicles for the purpose of racing. Currently our street cars are in jeopardy of not being allowed to do so, under the current interpretation of the Clean Air Act (CAA). For many years now there was much ambiguity in the CAA, based upon who was in the Oval Office. Previously under Barack Obama administration and now under Biden, there are concerns that certain interpretations and enforcement could lead to preventing individuals from being able to modify their personal cars and tuning for the sake of racing. EPA says that it does not intend to enforce against racing enthusiasts, then why do they need to legislate it. Recognizing Protection of Motorsports Act has been reintroduced into congress for vote and consideration, to clarify that racecars used exclusively for competition do not violate any portion of the Clean Air Act. There are many questions about the CAA and the RPM Act that are targeted towards street vehicles. Will the RPM Act allow people to drive their racecars on the street? Sell racing products for vehicles that will be driven on the street? Does the RPM Act interfere with the EPA’s ability to do its job? All these questions will be answered and more to send an awareness of what is currently happening in motorsports today.

Keywords: Pollution, Toxic, Transportation