Site Description-JH

Proposed Sewer Plant near Musconetcong River could have negative environmental impacts and locals are demanding alternatives.

Author Biography:

This site is located very close to the Musconetcong River and the Hampton Borough Park; a place where I can remember countless soccer games and afternoons with family and friends. It’s located very close to home and as a resident of Hunterdon County for the past 15+ years, any light I can bring to this project will hopefully help locals for years to come.

Project Site Description:

The sewer plant is only part of a proposed housing development project on Valley Road in Hampton Borough, NJ. The plan was proposed 40 years ago and has received backlash, but after a recent court settlement the project was allowed to continue. With little the residents can do to stop it now, the goal is to mitigate any damage done by this project since locals have voiced their concerns. How would a sewer treatment plant affect the water supply so close to the Musconetcong River, and what are other, safer options if this is unavoidable? Contaminating the proposed area could have lasting effects on locals drinking water and the river quality, which could result in untold environmental damage if something isn’t done.