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A Central New Jersey River Continues to Greatly Affect Working Class Towns


Hello, my name is Hunter Tagliaboschi and I am doing my project on the ongoing flooding from the Raritan River in New Jersey. I am a senior mechanical engineering student at NJIT. I have lived in Edison, NJ my whole life and while the flooding here is not as bad, it is in the surrounding towns especially in areas a bit north of Edison or east of Edison.

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The Raritan River causing flooding has been an ongoing issue in the central part of NJ for decades and notably recently. When there are storms, highways and main roads across the central part of New Jersey flood from the Raritan River. The river has caused other problems besides flooding but flooding has not gotten better and has caused damage to a lot of homes, particularly homes of poorer neighborhoods or towns and in minority areas that are not built up enough to prevent this issue from causing damage. The areas most affected by the flooding are New Brunswick, Perth Amboy and Elizabeth. These areas are below median salary average in the state and have higher poverty rates than surrounding towns. They have continued to be flooded out with little to no help while other middle class to upper class towns are able to better deal with the flooding or are less affected. The locations of these lower to working-class towns are more likely to have flooding but the townships and state hasn’t provided the money needed for them to get a handle on the issue but other towns seem to have more in place to help slow or stop the flooding from being so bad. This has had an impact on people’s work and livelihood. This is something that happens every or almost every major storm and when it is a hurricane the flood damage can take months to years to clean up and rebuild.  I am going to look into this issue and how much it affects my county and the surrounding central and northern counties of New Jersey, particularly in working class areas. Why are actions taken by these communities wanting to fix the issue getting denied? Where is the money going? This is a nationwide issue as well, many cities, working class and minority cities in many states have flooding issues that do not get resolved or looked at despite push by the communities because the money is spent in the wrong ways. This will be highlighted in my research.


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