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The PCB Golf Course: how the Hyatt Hills golf course was created

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My name is Giulian Pacella, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Over the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to work in the field inside of a laboratory dealing with aggressive and carcinogenic chemicals. The practices in which we held in our facility were to a very high standard. With that in mind situations like the Hyatt Clark Roller Bearing site intrigues me because not only were the carcinogenic chemicals contaminating the surrounding area, but they also had seeped well into the bed rock.

Project Site Description

The Hyatt Hills Golf Course in Clark New Jersey was not always a golf course, previously it had been a factory that had developed roller bearings for cars. The facility ceased all operation in 1987 and the facility sat idle for almost ten years before cleaning efforts were made. After the remediation was done, the facility was leased to the two surrounding towns to be a golf course and only outdoor recreational use only. This raises a question of How has the contamination affected the surrounding residents living in close proximity to the site? If residential use of the golf course seemingly daily another question of was the remediation done properly is arises. The significance of this project is to understand that big businesses can be very unjust with environmental issues to save money and benefit themselves. The deal struck was solely to benefit GM and save them money.


Toxics, Recreation, Public Health, Water Pollution, Work Place