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The Price of Gas: How Cabot Oil & Gas profited at the expensive of the residents of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

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My name is Cameron Greer, I’m a senior at NJIT studying History, and I’m graduating in the Spring of 2021. I’m originally from Mountain Lakes, NJ, but currently I live in New York. I’ve served in the National Guard for 4 years, spending most of 2019 deployed in East Africa, and responding to the peak of COVID in April and May of 2020. While I do not have a personal connection to fracking or the midwestern states, I’ve found the subject of fracking and its potential consequences and benefits fascinating.

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Since 2008, there has been a huge boom in the hydraulic fracturing industry in Pennsylvania in counties above the Marcellus shale, the largest gas field in the United States. Thousands upon thousands of fracking wells have been set up through the state. One of these counties in particular however, Susquehanna county, has amongst the most wells in a single county, and at the same time suffered the environmental damages of the same. This project will examine the state of the environment prior to the arrival of hydraulic fracturing to the area, recount the various ecological impacts occurring since 2008, and the effect on the health and wellbeing of local residents and farmers.


Toxics, Soil, Water, Pollution, Energy