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Do you know what your children are exposed to?: An inside look at how schools and recreational locations in modern day Newark, NJ are the most harmful to this city’s children

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My name is Anahi Munoz, and I am an undergraduate environmental science major at NJIT. 

Project Site Description

South Street School, built in 2016, is an elementary school located in Newark, New Jersey. This location was built upon a previous Brownstone site. This school is located in the Ironbound, which is Newark’s most industrial neighborhood, making the amount of toxins emitted from these industries dangerous for the entire community. The children growing up in this neighborhood are the most affected by these toxins. These toxins are extremely compromising to their current, and future, health and state of living. Schools are not the only issue in this neighborhood, as there are also recreational centers, football fields, and even parks which are also previous toxic sites. These circumstances raise several questions. Why was it allowed for these sites, whose primary visitors are children, allowed to be built? Why does the Ironbound community continue to be oppressed and ignored despite their worries being made vocal various times throughout history about these issues? By exploring these sites, we can examine the effects that decisions such as these in low income, minority neighborhoods can have on the youths current and future quality of life. In addition, we can assess why the places where children should feel safe in the city of Newark are the most harmful to them.


Toxics, Recreation, Public health, Air Pollution