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Preliminary Paper Title: Gone Fishin’, Hopefully…

Author Biography: As the author of this paper I was originally drawn to the topic of fishing in Newark because I have been affected by the contaminated water that flows through Newark. In my hometown of Blackwood, New Jersey I had spent my whole life fishing in clean bodies of water, but when I moved to Newark to start college, my fishing experiences had changed Drastically. It’s easy for me to drive home and fish easily and free, but for the people of Newark, fishing is more of a hassle than anything else. Fishing is for everyone, It shouldn’t be a privilege for people to fish in clean water, and those reasons explain why I was drawn to this topic. 

Site Description: My project is focusing on the Essex County Riverfront Park, the park sits on 1-3 Brill Street in Newark, New Jersey. I will be focusing on present day problems that are affecting the wildlife along with the people who like to fish and even those who need the fish to maintain a business.  Riverfront Park is a part of the newly reformed area of land that sits along the Passaic River. Many different kinds of people visit this park to fish for fun or just walk along the water, but the contamination that flows through the river keeps people on their toes at all times. 

Historical Question(s): What kind of toxics have entered the Passaic River that cause such problems to the wildlife and surrounding communities? Why has fishing become more of a hassle than a hobby for the citizens of Newark? Why hasn’t this problem been solved yet? I think these four questions are most important because they question all of the things that I am most interested in. If those questions weren’t being asked and answered I feel like I wouldn’t have much else to write about. The fact that fishing is considered dangerous in Newark makes me sad, and I want to show the readers why this injustice needs to be fixed. 

Project Significance: I believe that there are multiple levels of significance regarding this project. Fishing is an activity that can be done by all genders, races, religions etc. Fishing shouldn’t be about working hard to catch fish instead of a trash bag, or worrying about the fish being clean enough to take home, or use for business purposes. The neighborhoods surrounding Riverfront Park can’t even take a walk along the water without seeing buildup of trash and murky water. There are people out there who disagree with catching fish, but those fish can’t be caught if they don’t have a healthy environment to live and grow. Keyword Tags: 1. Parks 2. Water 3. Class 4. Business 5. Toxics (6. Fishing, not on list and forgot to email you for permission).