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The North River WasteWater Treatment Plant and its environmental injustice to the African American Residents in West Harlem, NY.

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I am currently a senior in Computer science with a mobile and web minor in NJIT as well as a front-end developer intern at IBM. I am a first-generation immigrant who strives for a better life for me and my family. I consider that “Man is the son of his environment” as Ibn Khaldoun stated. I have tried to choose the best place I can afford to live in. Unfortunately, Immigrant and minorities can easily witness environmental injustice as they not as strong as middle or upper white class. I have chosen the North River Sewage plant as a clear and obvious injustice that can a class can witness as being weaker and less capable to defend its environment as prompt as other more powerful classes.

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By 1938, the Department of Public Works considers channeling all waste from Manhattan’s
West Side to one treatment plant on Wards Island in the East River. Due to the cost ineffectiveness of the idea The DPW decided to build the plant on an unused land between West 70th-72nd Streets along the Hudson River. The growth of population and the Pressure from middle and upper white class has pushed The DPW to consider moving the building location to West 137th-145th streets in a closed meeting. Despite some complaints, The DPW started the construction in 1972. Since its construction, The plant presented an environmental hazard for the residents who suffered the stinky smell and unhealthy air quality. Many organizations were created as well as many com plaints pushed the Department to take some minors repair and improvement but none of them were good enough to provide a healthy environment to the residents.

Keywords: Race, Community, Class, Water, Air