Secondary Source Report-ZZ

Source #1:

EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, 

This is the background of the American Cyanamid superfund site

This secondary source is a well detailed informational article about the American Cyanamid superfund site. This source will help me understand the history of this site by explaining the background and clean up details of the site. This source even though is a broad background of the site it gives information on the size, ownership, and responsible party of the site.

Source #2

“American Cyanamid Superfund Site – Homepage.” AmCy Restoration, 

This source gives updates on the clean up of the American Cyanamid site

This source gives details on all the steps taken to clean up the site. A brief summary of the superfund site is also included. Updates on the superfund site are made whenever progress is made or when a big storm has hit the area. This helps me with understanding this site more by giving details on the steps to cleaning up and even which section of the superfund site.

Source #3

American Cyanamid Superfund Site Fact Sheet. 

Gives details on the superfund site

This fact sheet gives more details on the superfund site as in the change in ownership throughout the years. This sheet also gives in depth details on the polluted area and what the pollutants are in each section of the property.