Secondary Source Report-PP

Secondary Sources, The Poop Train

  1. Associated Press,  “Poop Train’ Full of NYC sewage raises stink in Alabama”. This page has an overview of the events pertaining to the train in Parrish Alabama 
  •  A news source that covers a wide breadth of topics. I feel as though The Times can provide more of an outside perspective to the piece. This is mostly due to them being removed from the whole ordeal. The site, specifically the article which goes over the Poop Train, does have some snippets which can be used for further research; even having a portion where the mayor of a small town affected by the train provides an internal perspective, which while not befitting of a secondary source, can prove quite useful in further crafting my paper.
  1., Published by Livescience, going over some terminology and laws regarding Biosolids (waste) as well as zoning laws.
  • This resource covers a range of topics, and luckily, the poop train. Livescience focuses on the more scientific approach, seemingly without bias as it goes over the situation with the poop train. It even touches on the lax zoning laws one might find in the midwest. In general, I feel this article has a lot of breadth, and does so without leaning one way or the other in terms of narrative.
  1. News 4, the article linked below describes some of the legislations and interactions with the Landfill and powers that be.

  • This piece will assist in going over some of the interactions between landfill and civilians. Infact, the piece even references a hearing that was going to occur regarding the train. The information in this piece mostly goes over the Big Sky landfill and the towns affected by the Sewage train, as well as how ADEM (the department of environmental management) responded to complaints regarding the train.