Secondary Source Report-NT


Anselm, Bryan. “Newark Drinking Water Crisis.” NRDC, 10 Feb. 2021,

This is an official article From the Natural Resource Defense Council describing in general the water issue that Newark faces and also includes an incredibly detailed timeline of events related to the Newark water crisis.

This source includes one of the most important pieces of my report, which is how specific Newark Agencies and officials failed at their task to protect Newark citizens and Newark tap water. This source gives the day and month and even outside sources for each event and will provide me with much data to write my report on.


“Department of Health.” Lead Service Line Replacement Program (LSLRP),

This is a government website that describes the Lead Service Line Replacement Program (LSLRP) in it’s entirety.

This website provides an overview of the what LSLRP does for the country, why it is necessary to replace lead service lines, and intricate details regarding lead pipe replacement that will be useful for the report since the report is on replacing lead service lines in Newark.


Group, Environmental Working. “EWG’s Tap Water Database: What’s in Your Drinking Water?” EWG Tap Water Database,

This is a website from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that provides water pollution data.

This source provides everything there is to know about the amount of each specific contamination that appeared in Newark drinking water from 2012-2017. From this I’ll be able to learn just how polluted the water really was to incite Newark to borrow 120 million dollars to replace its lead pipes. This website also provides information on how to ensure you have safe drinking water.