Secondary Source Report-NH

Engineering and Mining Journal , vol. 119, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1925, pp. 116, 154. 

This book contains information regarding mining and its associated industries like metal refining from the time period of January 1st to June 30th, 1925 in the United States. The process of how USS Lead refined lead using the new at the time, Parkes Process, is briefly explained on page 154. This source is excellent regarding what the USS Lead facility was doing in regards to the refining of lead near the opening of the facility. 

Valliant, Derek. “East Chicago, IN.” Encyclopedia of Chicago, Accessed 7 Oct. 2021. 

This is a page of an encyclopedia about Chicago, titled Encyclopedia of Chicago. The page includes information about the founding and early days of East Chicago. It also includes brief explanations of the kinds of industries that were present, who immigrated there from where and when, and the religious diversity of the small city.

Hurley, Andrew. Environmental Inequalities: Class, Race, and Industrial Pollution in Gary, Indiana, 1945-1980. Univ of North Carolina Press, 2009. 

This book is about the environmental damage done to a neighboring city, Gary, Indiana. Hurley focuses specifically on the steel mill in Gary and how divisions of race and class affected people’s exposure to dangerous levels of pollution. This story is similar to East Chicago where divisions of race and class left those exposed to dangerous levels of lead and arsenic.