Secondary Source Report-JT

  1. Stephen A Stansfeld, Mark P Matheson, Noise pollution: non-auditory effects on health, British Medical Bulletin, Volume 68, Issue 1, December 2003, Pages 243–257,

I chose this source to understand the effects of noise pollution on health other than the obvious auditory effects in hearing. For one of my questions for my report, I want to find out how the residents are being affected by the noise. This article states the many ways people can encounter noise pollution and I will narrow down the reasons that specifically affect this group of people.

2. Weiss, Rachael L et al. “Promoting Active Urban Aging: A Measurement Approach to Neighborhood Walkability for Older Adults.” Cities and the environment vol. 3,1 (2010): 12,

I chose this source to understand the location and environment of Crotona Park East. This article compared Crotona Park East and Lenox Hill from 2002-2009. It also took a look into the use of the neighborhood such as residential homes, open spaces, and project areas. I can use this information to understand the city plans and reasoning for these area lines.

3. Garg, N., & Maji, S. (2016). A retrospective view of noise pollution control policy in India: status, proposed revisions and control measures. Current Science (Bangalore), 111(1), 29–38.

I chose this source to look into how other people are dealing with the issue of noise pollution. I will be looking into India’s noise pollution issue and how they are handling the problem. I can use their data to make assumptions on how the issue began in Crotona Park East and how they can prevent it or lessen the effects of noise pollution.