Secondary Source Report-JJ

1. Rodrez, “More Than a Million Car Enthusiasts Are Taking on the EPA”, MotorTrend, September 17,2021

This secondary source is well explained of why the RPM Act was introduced and its mission to support motorsports from the interpretations of the Clean Air Act. This source will help me understand both the EPA and the RPM Act targeting towards street vehicles and even the production sale. Even though it is a broad background, but it still gives some valuable information on the effect of the aftermarket production shops by putting to an end of a $2 billion per year industry.

2. “ The history of Street Racing”, Street Racing- A Way of Life, April, 27, 2012

Giving a brief History about street racing is important source to have. This article explains how and why street racing was originated. It will help me write for my readers to understand the car history culture and the reasoning of modifying vehicles.

3. Ashish,” Why Do We Feel So Thrilled By Speed?”, ScienceABC, September 2, 2020

This article goes in detail on humans wanting to go fast. This source gives a brief summary of why people feel so thrilled when it comes to speed and how vehicles have transformed the human experience.  This will help me understand and my readers to know a bit more about ourself when it comes to speed and the urge to wanting to make our cars faster.