Secondary Source Report-GP

Garbarine, R. (2002, January 20). In the region/New Jersey; Golf Course Complex is rising on former G.M. Site. The New York Times. Retrieved October 8, 2021, from

The New York Times article was written right after the cleanup had taken place and discusses how the superfund site was transformed into a golf course.

The New York Times article gives excellent insight about the decision to transform the site into a golf course and the process of doing so. This article will help provide a deeper understanding of exactly how the golf course was created in order to help the surrounding towns stabilize their taxes. The article explains the idea that many of the deals that were made in the process of the cleanup were to benefit the surrounding towns funds rather than the actual cleanup process.

Racer Site 10080: Clark & Cranford, NJ. Racer Trust. (n.d.). Retrieved October 8, 2021, from

The Racer Trust article provides a site description, the environmental history, the initial cleaning up process, and the ongoing steps taken in this area.

This source will help me further my understanding of the contamination left on the site from the old factory. The Racer Trust article offers good quality insight on the current methods that are still utilized in testing the soil on the site. In addition, the Racer Trust article also provides a list of the redial work that was done at the sight over the past 20 years.

Star-Ledger, E. C. T. (2009, July 6). GM bankruptcy won’t close Hyatt Hills Golf Course in Clark. nj. Retrieved October 8, 2021, from

The Star-Ledger article was published roughly 10 years after the transformation. This article provides insight about the GM bankruptcy and how the cleanup was performed.

The Star-Ledger article can assist me in understanding the deal that was made between the surrounding towns and General Motors. The article provides useful information about the premise of each deal and how they are still relevant to this day. The article also touches base with the idea that GM was short with their clean up.