Secondary Bibliography-JB

STEM: Newtown Creek Urban Ecology Curriculum

By Newtown Creek Alliance

This curriculum is a good secondary source because it was developed by members of the Newtown Creek Alliance which was built to help students and neighborhoods have a better understanding of Newtown Creek and its watershed as an urban ecosystem. This source is full of maps and possible solutions to help with urban areas and developments. Also gives plenty of different reasons as to why learning about the ecology of Newtown Creek and the environments around it are important along with the history of the creek.

Feature/Greenpoint returns to its ‘greener’ days

Written by: Johanna Jelinek Boman

This article is a good read because it also has maps that show the underlying problem of the creek which is caused by the Exxon oil spill in the 1970’s. Introducing companies that contributed to the pollution of the creek such as: Nuhart plastic factory. While giving insight to how neighborhoods have come together, the history of the towns, and the funds that go into making these spaces better for the community. It is a collaboration of information from old to new that is resourceful when trying to learn bits and pieces about this site in one place.

Spotlight on Superfund: How Are New York’s Most Toxic Waste Sites Doing Under Trump’s E.P.A?

By Sarah Stein Kerr

This read is resourceful because it explains how Trump’s political involvement has crippled the cleaning of the creek. These different chapters explain how his denial of funding to the superfund site dedicated to helping clean the creek did not just harm Newtown Creek. Places all over the United States that are affected by his decisions to not fund superfund sites. Protestors form to fight against the delaying of the clean ups because “enforcement is the only way to make sure that what is in the record of decision actually takes place”. This creek and these neighborhoods have suffered long enough so how could one put the cleaning of it on hold or cause delays in their progress.