Secondary Bibliography-AM

Source One:

-This source is a Journal from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The source is a study of communities’ emotional distress from living in an environmentally discriminated  community. The source focuses on the direct and indirect impact the Garbage Incinerator has had on the Ironbounds’ residents. The source interviews 43 residents – great to discuss illness, anxiety, fear, and anger that they had to deal with since the creation of the incinerator. This source helps bring up the direct point of view of the people of Ironbound into my paper   

-Dory, Gabriela, et al. “A Phenomenological Understanding of Residents’ Emotional Distress of Living in an Environmental Justice Community.” International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being, vol. 12, no. 1, 5 Jan. 2017

Source Two: 

-This source gives the history of The Ironbound Community Corporation or ICC. ICC was created by the local Ironbound community to resolve the issues that were going unheard. Since its creation some 50 years ago it has served the community with many social, educational and health programs. This source provides me with a timeline of how the ICC has combated different environmental injustices including the garbage incinerator. This source will help me show how groups such as ICC have helped the community fight corporate pollution. 

-Montanze, Nichole, and Joshua Kumar. “History of ICC.” Environmental Justice in The Ironbound

Source Three:

-This source is a dissertation by a graduate student in geography. They go into extreme debt on how the things that factored into the creation of the incinerator and how it is an environmental injustice. The source breaks it down how the governmental plans are implicated to produce environmental injustice such as in Ironbound. Unlike my other sources, this source also discusses the connection that the towns such as Montclair have with the garbage incinerator. This source will probably be my most important one as it directly tackles how and why the issue in Ironbound is an environmental injustice. This source will also help me understand why places such as Montclair or Short Hills do not suffer from having a garbage incinerator. 

-Martinez Kruger R. Garbage governmentalities and environmental justice in New Jersey. 2017.

Keywords: Toxics, Race, Energy, Business and Pollution.