Secondary Bibliography-AH

Angel Harewood

Annotated Secondary Bibliography

  1. Update on Keegan Landfill in Kearny.” Italian Voice, May 09, 2019.

This article was written to give people and update on what was happening at the landfill and the progress that was being made. It was written by a blind source and then published in the Italian Voice.

This website gives updates on the closing of the Landfill and how they are going about it, the daily levels of toxic chemicals and smells that are coming for the landfill.

This will help with my research showing that they are still monitoring the area the odor and the harmful side effects that come from having a landfill close to a town. It also goes to show that it needs to be monitor and that it is being followed for reasons, so maybe it was a safe landfill when it was built.

This source will give me background about what was happening around the landfill and around the area of the Meadowlands. It shows that there was many things going on around the landfill that could have upset the landfill and cause the smell to get worst. It also will show that the development of different projects in the Meadowlands have been happening for a while.

Keyword tags: toxic, air. pollution, soil, water