Scientific Data Analysis – PD

Analysis of Gathered Data from EJ Mapper

Newark, being the diverse city that it is, hides the most unfortunate results of our consumeristic ways of life. The city is home to low income many people of color who have to live in areas of mass environmental injustice and it affects their way of life and will affect their family’s lives for years to come. The location of the Anheuser Brewery is a pivotal in its contribution to the environmental degradation at least in a one mile radius around the facility.

Environmentally, the area around the Anheuser Busch Brewery tends to have very high levels in the categories of O-Zone, Hazardous Waste Proximity, and Wastewater Discharge Indicator. In the areas of Hazardous Waste Proximity, in this area, it is in a higher national percentile compared to the state. On the other hand, in Wastewater Discharge Indication, this area is locally producing more wastewater compared to the national average. The biggest fault with this data lies in the brewery’s proximity to the airport, which is undeniable a very large contributor to ozone harm, producer of hazardous waste, and wastewater. This proximity makes it difficult to specifically pinpoint the brewery as the sole cause of environmental degradation, but it could help explain why the brewery would want to push for a very sustainable facility especially in regards to water, carbon, and ingredients waste.

Demographically, this area hits very high percentiles, locally and nationally, in areas of the demographic index, minority population, low income population, and less than high school education. The area. It also includes a wide range of ages from infants to people over sixty-five. This area is home to a lot of families, especially ones with very young children. Across the board, this area is heavily populated with low income minority families, who have young children, and less than a high school education.

Together, these two indexes play a much known story between people of color and the areas they are financially and socially forced to reside in. It is clearly unhealthy for the large population of very young children to be living in and another added feature to the EJ Mapper should be the rate of birth defects in the area. Possible birth defects could be directly associated with the lack of regulation or oversight in the environment, and waste management procedures, which could have been caused by the brewery but most likely the highest levels of damage come from the airport, which is directly across from the brewery. It also does not help how busy this area of Newark is, as it is along US 1, which becomes heavily trafficked by cars that omit toxins into the air, harming the depleting ozone layer.