Scientific Data Analysis-AH

Kearny Landfill is 110-acre landfill that is in Kearny, NJ this landfill was originally open in the 1960s and owned by MSLA, it is now owned and operated by New Jersey Sports Expository Authority. The original acre was 110 acre and it was open it by William A Keegan and it was jointly owned and operated by Municipal Sanitary Landfill Authority (MSLA). The landfill was open daily to accepted 30- and 40-gallon drums containing chromate and bichromate slurry, pigment and organic waste from Dupoint Waste. In 1972 portions of the landfill was closed when the EPA laws change and effected the way MSLA was operating so they closed portion of the landfill that held the drums of Dupoint Waste.

            The portion that is being used and operated now in Kearny, NJ is a 3.9-acre land that is mainly used for commercial waste, building materials and such from construction sites. This site was brought by the son to Mr. Keegan to used as a business deal for a road to be built on.  The reason I chose this site because in 2019 it was a fight to get it close because of the NJSEA who owned and operated it violated the dumping rules and was allowing materials that was not supposed to be dump their place there. This site was under different extension from closure because the company that owned them NJSEA stated that the site was not full enough to be closed and that they should be allowed to make sure that it was full. They were granted a five-year extension that extended to 2019. When the residents of Kearny started to complain about the smell coming from the landfill, they were first brush off and told that he was from the material that was being dump in there. It was a first dismissed, when residents started to complain more about the smell and how it was affecting the residents because I was causing breathing problems and people with asthma to have difficulty breathing and the smell being bad that people would not venture outside that is when the Environmental Protection Agency got involved and did testing on the landfill and realize that they smell coming from the site was hydraulic sulfur and that in the amount that was leaking from the site it was in dangerous range and that it needed to be fixed immediately. While the NJSEA did put in a filter to try to control the smell and make sure that it was at a safe level it did not fix the immediately problem. The took the fight up the chain of command and it was finally decided that it should be closed that it was doing more harm than good.

            The buffer that I applied to the site was a 2-mile radius around the landfill, the reason I made this buffer this big, was so that it can include different parts of the town where there was neighborhoods and schools and stores. I used a radial buffer to include the entire area. The site is in a town that is considered near a superfund site, it is also in the 70th percentile for NATA respiratory Hi, also it is in the high percentile for Wastewater Discharge Indicator.  Which makes sense seeing that it is in a Superfund and Hazardous waste area. While the Keegan Landfill is being closed and is going to filled and paved over who know what kind of long term affects it has had and is going to have.  

This site is in a primary white neighborhood while it does have a minority population of African Americans and Hispanic the growing number is white. The area is an influential neighborhood, while there is low-income areas, but those are the minority and not the majority. The area is a mixed of ages from older to younger and education background varies. This is a town that could be pulled out of anywhere in America. The landfill was brought by an influential businessman for business reasons and kept in the family for years. This area was one that people saw as up and coming and that it was going to be able to do big things with it. Could this be why the governor and the mayor were so quick to act when it came close to the closing of the Landfill because of the population that it had?

 While the site has environmental dangers and causes harm to everyone that live in that area. I wonder why after all the downfalls and extension that it was given to be filled and still allowed to operate, I wonder why it took this one spark, this one group to fight for the closure of this landfill? It is really up to who you know and what you know or was it really up to the courts to decide enough is enough and close something that is harmful to the world at large.

Keywords: toxic, air. pollution, soil, water