Primary Source Report – VP

Primary Source Report

Primary Source #1

Title: 1980 Census of Population


Description: This source provides detailed data on the population makeup of the entire state of Pennsylvania for the year 1980. This will be very useful because I am looking at the socio-economic and racial makeup of the region surrounding three-mile island. In order to ascertain who was most at risk from the reactor, and who was most exposed to radiation, this primary source will help me get that information.

Primary Source #2

Title: Cindy Folkers interview

Folkers, Cindy. “Cindy Folkers Interview.” Online interview by author. April 20, 2019.

Description: This source allows me to understand the technical aspects of Three Mile Island, ones related to radiation. I can better understand the concerns of local people if I understand why they are concerned.

Primary Source #3

Title: Hazards Vulnerability and Environmental Justice by Susan Cutter. Chapter 13.

Location: Cutter, Susan L. Hazards, Vulnerability and Environmental Justice. London: Earthscan, 2007.

Description: According to Chapter 13 of this book, evacuation priorities in any emergency says a lot about the priorities of any society. This chapter looks at how Three Mile Island and proximate areas were evacuated. The priorities of the evacuators are mapped on top of social variables to create very interesting patterns.