Primary Source Report-SL


Primary Sources 

DePillis, Lydia. “Ports Are the New Power Plants – at Least in Terms of Pollution.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 24 Nov. 2015,

This source is important in the ways that it recognizes how these ports while important to the community, it can be just as destructive. The article details that ports all over, including Elizabeth and Newark, have become hot spots of pollution. They are constantly pushing out toxic chemicals into the air which has since started to affect the community. There are reports of cancer and asthma affecting those that live near these ports because of the pollution. If this continues then the children and families that are raised in this area will continue to have their lives shortened and put in danger. 

Morley, Hugh R. “NY-NJ Pushes Electric Equipment to Curb Pollution.” US Port Sustainability: NY-NJ Pushes Electric Equipment to Curb Pollution, 30 Aug. 2019,

This source details how the pollution in not only New Jersey, but also New York, California and all over the United States has reached an all time high. Therefore, initiatives such as the one described in this article are trying to stop some of the pollution. The article states that electric equipment will start to replace the old ones that give off a lot of emissions. Elizabeth and Newark both have large communities that live near the port and will not stand for this kind of pollution any longer. This pollution has been linked to not only the ships that come into the port but also the trucks and other equipment. 

Sheahan, Judy. “‘Building a 21st Century Infrastructure for America: Revitalizing American Communities through the Brownfields Program.’” United States Conference of Mayors, 28 Mar. 2017,

This source is important as it outlines how the city of Elizabeth’s mayor has advocated and fought to reauthorize the Brownstone Project. This project helps to rebuild the city and get rid of air pollution through planting trees and recycling the land. It is very important to know that the mayor of Elizabeth has kept his hand in helping the environment in ways that also benefit the city and the people. The planting of these trees makes Elizabeth more beautiful and give a plethora of benefits as well. I plan to use this source to speak about how there are ways to combat air pollution and how the mayor has tried to continue to do that.

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