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Great Kills park Environmental Cleanup Project

This 2016 project description thoroughly explains the cleanup project of Great Kills Park in Rossville, NY. This source can be compared to the very different yet similar project in Metro 12, in Carteret. 

Created in 2016, Updated in sept, 2020

Research, investigation reports, and data are available to the readers. This information is public knowledge and even provided by the project organizers, unlike the secretive and confidential reports of the Metro12 facility. I will be able to compare this clean up site to the one in Carteret so I can prove why the acquisition of the Rahway Arch is an environmental injustice. 


Urge our Local Officials to Stop the Rahway Arch Project: Looming Flooding and Environmental Disaster

A call for community action to oppose the Rahway Arch Project, list of contact information and fact sheet including links to informative websites.

Aug/ 27/ 2014

This source is the official website of the NY/NJ Baykeeper, it is educating the public of the risks and dangers of this recycling facility and convincing them to participate in the opposition. This organization sued both Soilsafe and the EPA regarding this 5 year project. 


In Plan to Dump Contaminated Soil, Classic New Jersey Politics Emerge

New York Times article exposing the acquisition as a political scheme

Feb, 24/ 2014

I can use this article to prove that Soilsafe was not chosen for its practical, efficient, or eco-friendly methods to clean up this site. I can use this information to prove that there was considerable opposition to the site yet the state decided to settle for a cheap, short-term solution at the risk of the publics health and denied the community of its future recreational use. 


Rossville NY is a half mile away from Metro12 NJ, separated by the Rahway River. In 2014, SoilSafe was under scrutiny because of its suspicious acquisition of a superfund site located in an area called the Rahway Arch. This private company was hired to set up a recycling plant that will cover the toxic sludge with a thick cap. The legality of this short term solution was decided by a court case between the Baykeeper organization. I want to show how relying on EPA guidelines, recommendations, and services are much safer for a community than hiring a third party corporation. It may be a major environmental injustice if I can properly compare the situations of two neighboring communities that share the same risks: Carteret and Rossville. 

The last article discusses how this corner cutting was common practice by some unpopular politicians including Chris Christie. I want to use the information from this article to paint a clear picture of the community’s involvement and consequences compared to the practice of a nearby neighborhood. Rossville is a wealthy suburban area consisting of mostly white-coller families. This community is surrounded by parks and the response to the adverse environmental issues are quite different compared to New Jersey. The website to this clean up site is far more informative than its counterpart. It displays geographical images, future projections, environmental study reports, EPA guidelines/ checklists, and contact information. The Soilsafe company redacted all of its environmental studies for the sake of protecting trade secrets. Transparency surely has a direct influence on the public’s reactions and opinions about a project.

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