Primary Source Report – RG

Record of Decision: Remedial Alternative Selection

This document contains a description of the cleanup plan and a timeline leading to the final Record of Decision for the Interim Remedy, which was finally completed in 2001. There is also a description of the site location, geological information for the site, information on surface and ground water based on the initial samples taken, and a detailed history of the site going back to the 1870s. In my research paper, I will be looking into the history of the cleanup effort and how effective it has been at containing and decontaminating the area around the former Diamond Alkali plant. This document will help me in writing the background of the site as well as the initial cleanup effort, which will allow me to compare it to the site and area today. The interim remedy was intended to contain and decontaminate the site itself, and it will be useful to know what was done when I make that comparison.


Administrative Order No. E0-40-1

This document contains many orders from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, pertaining to Governor Kean’s Administrative Order No. 40. That order declared a state of emergency over the dioxin contamination from the former site of the Diamond Alkali plant and it gave Commissioner Hughey of the NJ DEP authorization to take whatever steps necessary to protect the health of the citizens of NJ. There are numerous individual orders within this document relating to steps taken in the Newark area to protect the public health and it will be useful when doing research on how effective the cleanup was. For example, there is a ban on fishing in the river and Newark bay. Determining when or if that ban was lifted will tell me when the area was deemed safe or if it is still unsafe.


3A.        Administrative settlement agreement and order on consent for remedial design CERCLA docket No. 02-2016-2021 for Occidental Chemical Corporation for OU2 for the Diamond Alkali Company site

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3B.        Appendix B (Statement of Work)

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The main document listed above is the settlement between the EPA and Occidental Chem Co., which is essentially the Diamond Shamrock Co. under a new name. The settlement forces the company to pay to clean up the Lower Passaic River and the outline of what is expected of them is outlined in the Statement of Work, Appendix B. These documents will be extremely useful in writing my paper because the cleanup is still ongoing and this is one of the most recent developments in the cleanup effort, being from 2016. I will be able to compare what the cleanup work entails with what has been done so far and how effective it is. It also outlines future plans, and because this settlement is binding, the Occidental Chem Co. will have to continue cleaning up long after my paper is complete. It is the most relevant document to me now in terms of what work is being done to protect the environment and what the overall outcome will likely be.