Primary Source Report – JS

  1. Henry Ford II’s address in New Orleans expressing his opinions on the highway system as a must for the American Society. 

Ford II, Henry. 1966. “The Highway System.” Vital Speeches of the Day 32 (22): 690.

The excerpt is Henry Ford II’s address in New Orleans at the club meeting of Young Men’s Business Club of Greater New Orleans on July 21, 1966. The reason why I want to use this is because Henry Ford II, the son of the automotive tycoon Henry Ford, believed that the construction of highways was “a partnership between government and industry” which was certainly the case here, however, I would specifically like to address the purpose of this partnership which was to only benefit the automotive industry and its dependent industries; in brief, use this source to express disagreement, possibly, at the beginning of the paper after stating my thesis statement. Also to express the delight of the automotive industry upon the passage of the 1956 Federal-Aid Highway Act. The speech comes from a timeframe when the Vieux Carre struggle against highway construction was in full speed. 

2.   An article from magazine in which the author expresses with great delight the passage of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 and what could be the positive consequences of the legislation.

Thruelsen, Richard. 1956. “Coast to Coast Without a Stoplight.” Saturday Evening Post 229 (16): 23–65.

The excerpt is an article from the magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, in which the author expresses with great delight the passage of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956.  The excerpt is especially useful in illustrating the fact that only a few people would have thought about the consequences of highway construction especially on the minority community who suffered the most. I would like to use this source to illustrate the viewpoints of a popular magazine and pro-highway and how they received the legislation.

3. A photograph showing Claiborne Avenue before I-10 Expressway was constructed.

 Davis, Joseph. North Claiborne Ave. 1968. Photograph. New Orleans Public Library.

This is a photograph from 1968 that depicts Claiborne Avenue before Interstate 10 was constructed on the site. I would like to use this image in my paper to show how the street once looked. It would be interesting to look for an image of Claiborne Avenue today to show how the avenue looks today from the same aerial angle.