Primary Source Report – IH

Primary Source 1

Title: Post-Remedial Action Report for the Wayne Site –– 1985 and 1987


Description: This report alone, contains a plethora of raw data and professional analysis on my site, the Wayne FUSRAP site. Some of the information is easy to comprehend while some of it is more complicated. Nonetheless, this source is priceless for my research. This report contains a history of the site, some of the measures that were taken to clean up the site, along with statistics on the amount of radiation in the soil and various maps. In addition, this report mentions what had yet to be fulfilled, in terms of clean-up, in order for the site to have been no longer deemed a FUSRAP site, as of the 1980s.

Source is long here is link: (open doc with title NJ. 16-3)

Primary Source 2

Title: Radiological Survey of the W.R. Grace Property. Wayne, New Jersey. Final Report. January 1983.


Description: This early report is very interesting. It contains an unusual history of the site and it mentions a fire in the 70s in which important information on the exact locations of the toxic dumps, was lost. The report then discusses in detail the sampling that was conducted on the site. The most interesting feature of this particular report is that it provides a detailed analysis of where the toxins went from the actual dump site. One example mentioned is how one of the companies that operated on the site would release liquids into a storm sewer system that would lead to the Pompton River. This detailed analysis of how the toxins were formed and where they ended up along with amazing maps of the region make this source particularly valuable.

Document is too long. Here is the link: (Open the document titled: NJ.16-8)

Primary Source 3

Title: United States Atomic Energy Commission Application for Source Material License (W.R. Grace & Co. Davison Chemical Division)  

Location: (Doc NJ.16-5)

Description: This is a very interesting old document from the 1950s. It is an application filled out by W.R. Grace & Co., the company that polluted the Wayne Site. This application contains interesting details such as significant dates of when the application was docketed and when it expired, as well as information regarding the renewal of the license. This document also mentions for what the desired source material was going to be used for (in this case the document reads “Thorium Ore Processing”).