Primary Source Report-DK

Farmland Assessment Overview, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, 2015, pp. 1–20.

The farmland assessment overview provides insight on the criterion for land to be preserved. Also, the overview provides access to the legalities and top down governmental actions and motives to preserve farmland and open space.

“Malon Farm Preserved!” TLCNJ, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, 21 Feb. 2017,

The narrative of the Malon Farm preservation story details the grass roots approach taken to farmland preservation. It also touches on the ideas of farm preservation as a preservation of culture, amenity space, and beauty.

“New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program Permanently Preserved Farmland by County.” State of New Jersey Department of Agriculture State Agriculture Development Comittee, 25 Oct. 2019.

The New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program published a comprehensive list of permanently preserved farms in the state. This data provides insight to the diversity of properties, acquisition methods, locations, and other granular information about potential case studies for analysis.

New Jersey Future, 2001, Rethinking Farmland Preservation in New Jersey, Accessed 14 Oct. 2020.

The Rethinking Farmland Preservation report provides insight to a grass roots organizations assessment of the feasibility and effectiveness of top down farmland preservation initiatives. Grass roots criticism of a top down movement provides an alternative viewpoint on the issue of farmland preservation strategy and solutions. This report also provides further insight to the effects of farmland preservation on the urban morphology of exurban and rural New Jersey. Preserved farmland can act as a function of anti-development “nimbyism” further catalyzing exurban conditions and irresponsible sprawl.

Schilling, Brian J, et al. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2011, pp. 1–5, The Economic Contributions of Agritourism in New Jersey.

This report breaks down the share of profit that comes from agritourism vs. crops in New Jersey. Usage of preserved farms as agritourism sites are proof of farms being used as amenity space that only benefits their local populations rather than makes use of the productive lands for a wider range of people.

“Warren County Permanently Preserves Its 300th Farm.” Insider NJ, InsiderNJ, 22 July 2020,

This article provides a perspective of New Jersey farmland preservation initiatives relative to country and global agricultural and ecological movements. New Jersey plays a significant role in farmland preservation efforts at a larger scale which provides context to the scale of preservation in the state.