Primary Source Report-CO

Images from Inside 31 Central, 2016

Colleen Gutwein. “31 Central, 9/12/2016,” October 13, 2020.

These are images I took inside one artist studio in 2016 , which had also previously been used as a shared studio space and event space. The last two images are from the hallway on the way out. I am using these images as a base to understanding how the building can be a representation of  Sick Building Syndrome.  These images will also be used to mark a moment in time when the health of the building was observably poor, as well as gauge the owner and tenants response to the condition of the building. 

31 Central Meeting Notice, June 2018

Colleen Gutwein. “31 Central Meeting Notice June 2018,” October 13, 2020.

This is a photograph I took on June 21, 2018 in a common area on the second floor of 341 Central Avenue, It is a notice to tenants dated June 6, 2018 on behalf of the “Owner” with the anticipated date of demolition, and offer to meet tenants for a one hour discussion within two weeks of the notice.  I will be using this letter to prove the negligence of the building owner, allowing tenants to continue to stay and work in a building that is clearly not suitable without proper cleaning, repairs, and inspection. 

Fall 2016 State of the City Semi-Annual Report, Newark NJ

City of Newark. “Fall 2016 State of the City Semi-Annual Report.” Issuu. Accessed October 13, 2020.

The semi-annual report is a short document containing the city’s achievements and goals upon publication in 2016. Within the document, the Mayor openly acknowledges the need for artists within the city’s economic plan. In a short but assertive manner, the City of Newark explicitly states the need for art and artists for future economic growth.  The clarity wihin this statement will be a foundational element in my overarching theme of gentrification.

New Details Revealed About 10-Story Development Plan for Newark’s 31 Central Site

Kofsky, Jared. “New Details Revealed About 10-Story Development Plan for Newark’s 31 Central Site.” Jersey Digs (blog), July 23, 2020.

This article describes the opaque review process of the building application and surprising revelation of a 10 story condominium complex to be erected upon the destruction of 31 Central, which has yet to happen. I will use this article to further support my argument of the building be ing sick since it is not being saved or improved upon. This article also highlights a clear path of gentrification from artist occupation to condos. 

31 Central: mini-documentary

Lowell E. Craig, Index Art Center. 31 Central – Newark, NJ, 2017.

This video documents artists working in 31 Central in 2017, showing studios, shots of the building, and artists give testimony to the need for autonomy and cheap rent to be able to create, they also discuss the current condition of their studio spaces and their feelings on the management of the building.  This video was created by a studio artist at 31 Central, and integral member of the Newark artists community. The perspective of a complete insider lends the opportunity for the nuclear community of 31 Central artists to give honest and open commentary on their individual and varied experiences at the site.  This mini documentary gives me the opportunity to quote and represent the artists in their own words. 

Keywords: Toxic, Community, Artist, Sick Building, Gentrification