Primary Source Report – AV

Source 1

Title: Public Health Implications of Site-Related Indoor Air Exposures

Location: Online source-

This is a government report that gives background information on the Ronson site that primarily details the health related risks and potential pollutants in the site. It does give some background on the site and how the houses came to be built there, but it serves primarily as a health consultation evaluating the effects of the different chemicals infiltrating the ground water there. This document would be used to assess the risks that the residents in the site are exposed to. On page 3, on the 3rd conclusion it states that although some homes have sub-slabs systems installed (that block the pollutants from entering the house) this is not a permanent solution, and that future, more permanent improvements would be needed.

Source 2

Title: Civil Acton Complaint: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection v. RCLC (Ronson) Inc.

Location: Online source-

This is a lawsuit from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection against Ronson and 10 of their employees. This document serves as a tool to recognize the series of events that led to this site be turned into a residential area. It details the extent of the pollution, the ways in which it was cleaned up, and the process by which the deed to the land was sold off to REI (a development company). This source provides a clearer narrative with regards to how the site came to be, while also showing how REI is partly responsible along with Ronson for having lied to the planning board about the contamination (paragraphs 47 and 48) and building houses without receiving full consent from the city. This document would be used for the background and legal information surrounding the site, as well as for the information with regards to the environmental impacts left on the area.

Source 3

Title: Newark homes not so sweet with toxic vapors seeping inside

Location: Online source-

This article talks about the modern-day state of the site and the ways in which the citizens of Newark were failed by their local and state agencies. This source provides more context in the ways that state and local agencies did not appropriately communicate and are now pointing fingers as to who is to blame for this site. It details how the DEP did not even know up until they visited the site in 2012 that there were houses built on the site, as “the deed restriction said parking lots and nonresidential only”. This source will provide a different angle when it comes to decided the parties responsible for the site. It ties in Ronson, REI, the DEP, and Newark’s government into the analysis of the site.