Primary Source Report-HA

Google Maps. “Elizabeth, NJ.” Accessed December 11, 2020

Comparison of today’s current map to previous ones of the city will provide insight to how much the landscape has changed.

PeriscopeFilm. “NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE SUPER HIGHWAY 1950s NEWSREEL 74752.”YouTube. YouTube, July 20, 2015. .

This informative video was published after the creation of the Turnpike and discusses the decision and costs it took to build the highway. 

“MAYOR, ETC., ELIZABETH v. NJ Turnpike Authority, 72 A.2d 399, 7 N.J. Super. 540.”CourtListener. Accessed December 11, 2020.

The official decision of the courts in regard to Elizabeth suing the Turnpike Authority on grounds that they were violating the citizens rights.

Newark Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey), November 26, 1949: 12. NewsBank: Newark Star-LedgerHistorical Newspapers. .

Newark Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey), March 2, 1950: 7. NewsBank: Newark Star- Ledger Historical Newspapers. NB&docref=image/v2%3A14245EE216D1AED8%40EANX-NB-166E01E5DC42DB4B%402433343-166BD334F30E0775%406-166BD334F30E0775%40 

Analysis of different newspaper articles will provide information on how information of the highway was perceived and discussed in the news. This will also provide a timeline for meetings and public forums that were held.