Image Analysis-RI

Ironbound Voices was a Tri- Lingual newspaper that represented the voices of the people about the many issues that the area of the ironbound encountered throughout the years. Contamination, Toxins chemicals, garbage’s incinerators, airplane noise, immigration etc. The Public Library of Newark possessed digitalized archives of the many issues. It is clear in every issues of this newspaper the front cover page it’s the way they want to make a big impression of the reader with their “cartoon like” imagery that  showed  people issues related to poisonous chemicals, dumps, garbage, war  and many  issues that the ironbound was dealing on those times. The ironbound throughout  the years has  been battling a uphill battle against big corporations that’s disregard the importance of proper disposal of toxic chemicals, garbage disposal and even as portraited in this both images EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have not put in a  plan to protect the people, communities and environmental  impacted in the ironbound. In consequence the area became an environmental disaster which lead for people that could leave the area (white people), but left black, Latinos communities to stay and lived around this extremely dangerous site conditions.

The image on the left show us the EPA dumping Toxic waste in the riverbanks, presumably in the Passaic river. The main idea that this image wanted to portrait was how the   EPA was allowing this big corporations to dump all their toxins without any proper procedure that will protect their environment.  The image shows vegetation in the far back as well as the three in the right which shows the impacted that this will cause in the ironbound area.  A dark background and an immensely powerful quote were written

“No, Dummy Killing innocent civilians with poisonous chemicals is only immoral during wartime!”. War times referred to the late phase of the Cold war between the Soviet Union and the West. The threat of nuclear was had reached new heights.  Therefore, the images wanted to portraited that at that point worry about toxic waste disposal was less important, and war must take our whole attention.

The image in the right showed the same issued as the one before when the DEP’S plan for cleaning up the Dioxins in Ironbound  was  to removed the toxins from the side yard of the house but only moving around the house to the rear of the home. The community in the Ironbound clearly felt that no one had a plan for the proper cleaning not even the Environment agency which was supposed to protect them was not taking the appropriate measurements to do so.

The EPA during this time was trying to build a garbage incinerator in the Ironbound are but the whole community was committed to stop this for happening. In the article mentioned in this edition of the newspapers they talked about how the state governor and redevelopers are going to spend money to clean up some sites around the ironbound not because they felt was dangerous for the people, but for the construction of housing and for the garbage incinerator. Many are the sites that needed attention but that was not the concerned of the authorities during this period.

In conclusion I feel that authorities and organization such as EPA at this time had not given any importance to the environmental injustice occurring in the Ironbound. The people unfortunately felt their voice was not heard and even if they fight against this big corporations or governments officials, they were destined to lose the battle. People that had the economic ability to leave the Ironbound did not hesitate to do so, but minorities black, Latinos with low income were trapped and will have to learned how to live under this conditions.