Image Analysis-BR

This image is a picture taken on one of the shore banks of Lake Karachy.

Lake Karachy was used as a dumping site for radioactive waste by the Mayak Production Association from 1951 to 1957. The radioactive material leaked into the lake and irradiated it and the surrounding area. The image shows several drums that could have been the same drums being used to transport the radioactive waste. The lack of human activity and lack of wildlife in the image may be a result of the radiation. Also, the lack of vegetation in the body of water and on the shoreline in proximity to the drums suggests that living things can not stay close to these entities. 

This body of water shows signs of being deeper at some point. Looking at the top left corner of the image, it can be seen that the shoreline used to be quite a bit higher. Lake Karachy rapidly lost volume in a drought in 1968. Subsequently the exposed irritated lake sediment was blown by the wind all over the region. Lake Karachy is located just outside the city of Ozyorsk. The buildings on the horizon may be that city. The distance from were the picture was taken to the buildings is about correct distance Lake Karachy is from the closest buildings according to Google maps. Additionally, the presence of tumble weeds in the image suggests that this may be Lake Karachy. Lake Karachy is located in the Ural Mountains, and tumble weeds are native to these mountains. The image has several tumble weeds in it, most promptly on the center right side of the image.