Oral Interview or Video Story-AC

Santos is a resident of Camden and he does work community service work for the less fortunate people of Camden. Santo’s connection with the water issue is that he lives his daily life with these issues.

Fred Stine is the citizen action coordinator the Delaware Riverkeeper, and he works with citizens of Camden, and the Delaware River. He is connected to the water issue because he understands the history of the Delaware River and the water problems in Camden.

Yvette Jordan was a key figure in the fight to get lead pipes removed in Newark. She is connected to the water issue in Camden, because Newark and Camden faced similar issues surrounding the water, and Newark was able to get their water issue solved while Camden wasn’t.

Jessica Mui is a friend of mine who currently studies at the Cooper medical school and lives in the Cooper Village apartments in Camden. The Cooper Village apartments is in the gentrified area of Camden. She was able to provide insight into the living conditions in gentrified Camden, as well as her accessibility to clean water.