Incinerator, Newark, NJ

By Arqum Masood

-The site I am focusing on is a garbage incinerator in Newark’s Ironbound area. The garbage incinerator is run by a company called Covanta, which launched its garbage incineration program 1990, on address 183 Raymond Blvd, Newark, NJ 07105. Covanta is a global corporation that provides waste management and incineration service. For a while, garbage burning has known to have harmful effects on human health, which makes the location of this plant in a heavily populated Newark neighborhood controversial. Garbage Incinerators were also proposed to be placed on other locations in New Jersey such as Manville, Short Hills, and Montclair. These cities just like Ironbound protested the incinerator proposal. However, unlike Ironbound, they were able to keep their neighborhoods incinerator free. The Ironbound community is almost all minority, most of which is of immigrant descent and falls under a low-income group. These two things are the main things that have allowed Essex county and Covanta corporation to take advantage of Ironbound’s residents. Since the creation of the plant, it has harmed the residents physically and emotionally. The smoke, noise and other sorts of pollution have put their health in jeopardy. Despite their status, the Ironbound community has been trying to fight the plant and has been successful at forcing the plant to make some changes, but still, the garbage incinerator is far from being clean.